Our History

Pacific Garden Mission is proud to be the nation’s oldest rescue mission working to change lives through God’s transformative love.

The Mission began in 1877 when Colonel George and Sarah Dunn Clarke opened a ministry in a tiny storefront at 386 South Clark Street. A potbellied stove kept out the Chicago chill, and kerosene lamps supplied flickering light. Heartwarming Bible verses graced the walls, speaking eloquently of God’s love.

Upon the Clarkes' retirement, many leaders followed in serving the Lord here at the Mission. These strong men and women of God have included:

  • Harry Monroe, 1892
  • Walter & Ethelwyn (“Ma and Pa”) Taylor, 1918
  • Harry Saulnier, 1940
  • David Saulnier, 1985
  • David McCarrell, 1997
  • Philip Kwiatkowski, 2013

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