Leadership Team

Philip Kwiatkowski


Terry Cunningham

VP of Operations

Timothy Gregory

Director of Unshackled!

Philemon Hayibor

Director of Ministries

Angel Feliciano

Director of Mission Relations & Personal Assistant to the President

Osman Webb

VP of Administration & Finance

Martin Robinson

Director of Donor Development

Board of Trustees


( In the picture taken November 2023) Front row: from left to right Leon Gombis, Larry Roches, Phil Kwiatkowski, Elwood Chipchase, James Ford Jr. Back row: from left to right, Peter Leavitt, Bob Sheridan, Michael Allen, A. Ray Charles.

Dr. Elwood Chipchase


Mr. Larry Roches


Rev. Michael Allen

Assistant Chairman

Rev. James Ford Jr.

Rev. Philip Kwiatkowski


Rev. Robert Sheridan


Dr. A. Ray Charles

Assistant Secretary

Dr. Leon Gombis

Mr. Peter Leavitt

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