Mothers and Children's  Ministry

Immediate Needs

The Mothers and Children’s Ministry is designed to help homeless families move from instability to hope and empowerment.

Many of our homeless mothers and children have experienced complex trauma resulting in instabilities that contribute to and include homelessness. Our modern facility provides a safe environment to minster to both their spiritual and holistic needs. Our facility houses over three hundred overnight female guests nightly as well as mothers with children in need of safe shelter over longer periods of time.

All mothers and children are provided with a shower, food, clothing, and overnight accommodations. Each woman is counseled to determine her specific needs and is helped accordingly. But more importantly, she is given an opportunity to experience the life-changing love of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

We encourage our mothers to take advantage of the many resources Pacific Garden Mission offers including housing, employment assistance, bible and parenting classes, abuse groups, medical services, children's ministry and case management.  Women who choose to receive salvation through Jesus Christ are invited to join the Resident New Life Bible Program. Through these daily classes women can mature in their relationship with Christ, with their family, and with society. Many of these women leave the Mission and move on to become wonderful testimonies of God’s grace.

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