Brian's Story

Brian was designing pipelines for oil companies during the day and at night would be in crack houses trying to satisfy his drug addiction.

Christopher's Story

Chris faced being outcasted from his family and eating out of dumpsters due to his crippling cocaine addiction.

Tony's Story

Tony could not overcome a drug addiction that broke apart his family and left them homeless.

Jessica's Story

After suffering an abusive childhood Jessica found herself struggling with addiction

Theo's Story

“My life became unmanageable…I burned a lot of bridges. I prayed to. . .

Dustin's Story

“When I turned 15 I started getting in trouble again and using heavy drugs. . .

Rosemary's Story

After being struck with a debilitating illness Rosemary lost her ability to. . .

Sara's Story

Growing up in a dysfunctional family, Sara lacked the structure and love every. . .

Kalia's Story

Kalia is in our New Life Program at Pacific Garden Mission. Witness her. . .