Godly Stewardship

Godly Stewardship

2023 Facility Improvements: Enhancing Our Guest Experience

Peter Leavitt,
Assistant Treasurer, PGM Board of Trustees

Looking back on 2023, we are pleased to have completed several key improvements to PGM’s facility. These improvements will provide our guests with a cleaner, more comfortable, and secure experience.

1. Dining Hall Refresh

We’ve given our dining hall a fresh makeover to create an inviting space for our guests to enjoy their three free, warm daily meals. Polished concrete flooring and an attractive wall paint design now adorn this space.

2. Bathroom and Shower Upgrades

Flooring, wall tile, shower, and bathroom fixtures have been modernized to create a cleaner and more attractive shower experience for our guests in the Women’s Program. We understand the importance of personal hygiene for our guests, and these significant improvements reflect this priority.

3. Enhanced Security with Metal Detectors

To ensure a more secure environment, we’ve added a metal detector at our West 14th Place entrance. Guests can now enter our facility through this entrance, giving them confidence that their safety is paramount to the Mission.

4. Modern Washing Machines

Our women’s laundry facilities have been equipped with three new, high-quality washing machines. This upgrade will not only make doing laundry more convenient for our guests but will also help conserve water and energy.

The total cost for all these needed improvements in 2023 was $230,000. Each project was paid in full at the time of completion due to the generous financial support of our donors. Maintaining the quality of our facility ensures we continue to have a healthy environment for our guests on their journey toward salvation and a new life with Jesus Christ. We thank you for being our partner in this ministry.


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