Pacific Garden Mission Ep 355 Controlled By Emotions

Pastor Phil teaches about emotions and the power they have over us when we are unable to understand their source and meaning.


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  1. Controlled by Emotions episode:
    I get it for adults and definitely if you are a Christian since Saul was both. But how do you reach children of abuse who resort to fear and anger? Who have no Christian principles as their foundation so no point of reference for the Holy Spirit to work with other than prayers of saints praying for them and getting as involved in their lives as possible. A child’s mind works so differently than an adults. I know it is not impossible but just like other addictions once you start using fear and anger (as a two year old)?? is the stronghold worse? I am in my prayer warrior mode for these children. God protect these little ones: send your army of angels, Holy Spirit, word of faith and (Matthew 9:36) workers to them. Jesus had compassion on them for they were confused and helpless. I know we as adults and older children of abuse become of age and begin to see the choices available but I am so worried about the younger ones. Please pray for Apollo, if you take prayer requests. I have also called DHS but am putting my trust in the God of Abraham (the God who will provide). Thank you for your program.

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