Pacific Garden Mission Ep 286 Will You Be Made Whole?

Today, Pastor Phil asks of us the same question that Jesus asked of the crippled man by the pool of Bethesda: Will you be made whole? It underscores God as the one who makes us whole, if only we would believe the words of Jesus.

Cory just wants to live. Years of drug abuse and bad influences have kept him stuck in the same headspace, in the same hole. But he has now trusted God to make him whole and is coming into more and more freedom to appreciate life, appreciate beauty and nature—to truly LIVE.

El was a “functional” drug addict for a long time before realizing he needed help, working and providing for his family. It could never last forever, though, and he lost everything. He was caught in hopeless, empty, and total darkness. Now he is at PGM and moved by the grace of God to put his life together and be an example for the rest of his family.

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