Pacific Garden Mission Ep 285 The Samaritan Woman pt. 2

Pastor Phil dives a layer deeper into the story of the Samaritan woman that Jesus meets at the well and the significance of who she is, what is her past, the message that He relays to her, and what it means for the people of Samaria. Hint: It applies to you and me today!

André grew up fatherless and hungry for a father figure. Today he is one of our New Life program professors and counselors, but he had a lot of growth and experiences to traverse before coming to this moment. We are blessed to have him serving with us.

Katrina had never completed anything in her life before coming to PGM, having always been defeated by circumstances and addictions. Like so many, she reached her lowest point, realized she needed help, reached her hand out to God and found God reaching his hand back out to her.

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