Pacific Garden Mission Ep 282 Jesus: God’s Gift to Man

Merry Christmas to all of PGM’s friends! Today, Pastor Phil takes us on a survey tour through the Bible, answering the question of just who is this baby born in a manger? Who did the prophets say he was? Who did he say he was? What does that mean? Join us as we celebrate the first advent of our Lord and look forward to the second advent to come!

David wasn’t always a stable church-going family man. At one point he was an addict on the streets with nowhere to turn, nowhere to run to, but the arms of God. And he did so right here at PGM!

In lieu of their upcoming performance at PGM, we’re revisiting the last time Soli Deo Gloria brass band gave us a Christmas concert. They will be at PGM again on December 18th, but we are happy to share some of their last show with you this Christmas!

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