Pacific Garden Mission Ep 280 Who Do Men Say That I Am? (John 9)

Jesus famously asked his disciples, “Who do men say that I am?” He’s never shied away from his divine identity, but often rhetorically guides those around him to the undeniable conclusion that he is the Son of God. Though the Pharisees were reluctant to accept it, pastor Phil homes in on the blind man’s reaction once he comes to the truth of who Jesus is.

Selena has an unusual story of coming to PGM, but a beautiful and grateful way of seeing the world as a result of the doors that were opened for her here. Her shocking story of homelessness and abuse is a testament to a life to the glory of God and his kingdom, and we hope you are encouraged to remain faithful even in trials, as they can certainly lead to our growth as children of God living in a sinful world.

Today she’s a passionate soul-winner for the kingdom of God, but that wasn’t always who Bonita was. Having gone through the PGM Bible program, her life was transformed and she is no longer the same as who she once was. From hopeless in her drug addictions to a drug counselor in our drug rehab program, we’re excited to share with you a condensed telling of her story.

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