Pacific Garden Mission Ep 279 The Power of a Testimony (John 9)

As we move through the story of the blind man of John 9, we focus now on why his story is so powerful. When he presents himself to the Pharisees for interrogation, he faces their opposition, gaslighting, and discrediting. Our testimonies are powerful because to stand up to that opposition, we don’t have to be legal experts or master logicians or rhetorical geniuses—we can simply lean on the experience of our own changed lives. Hallelujah, I’ve been set free, and that’s all I need to know.

When Theo first walked through our doors, he was hopeless and homeless, broken and empty. But his story is one of our favorites, where the contrast of his life before and after Christ is sharp, to say the least. Today he is happily married and working at PGM as the manager of our New Day drug rehab program. It’s a beautiful homegrown story of restoration from hopelessness to becoming a fully functional follower of Christ.

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