Pacific Garden Mission Ep 277 It’s Hard To Do Right (Galatians 6)

An all-too-common experience for us all is to see so many people, often wicked or cruel, flourishing and thriving while we are endlessly caught in despair as we do our best to live in obedience to God. The reality is it’s hard to do what’s right, especially when we do not see the good fruit that we are sowing. It’s downright discouraging! If you can relate with this feeling, then this message is for you. Take heart, for there is a God in heaven who sees and hears your plight and he is faithful to bring about the good harvest you are working towards.

The recurring saboteur in Tiwon’s life is anger. It finds and exploits any opportunity to manifest and dismantle his efforts. It has even landed him in jail! That’s why finding his way to PGM and joining our Bible program was so life-giving for him and restoring for his relationships. He was finally able to get back to peaceful living.

There’s many reasons why people end up in homelessness; substance abuse is only one. For young Steve, it was simple financial difficulties that stripped away even the little bit that he and his single mom had. When he suddenly found himself living at PGM with his mother, all the potential to achieve a better life felt that much farther, and he had nothing more to lose even at his young age, he joined our Career Development program and the rest is history.

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