Pacific Garden Mission Ep 274 Christian Liberty (Galatians 5)

The idea of Christian liberty does not immediately mesh with the world around us, and it didn’t for the Galatians either. It is not the freedom to go on scot-free with nothing and no one to hold us accountable and with no obligations to God and each other, but rather freedom to a new life in which our desires are in harmony with God’s purposes for us.

Mike had found himself overrun by the weight of his past. Poor decisions were perpetrated by the never-ending guilt and shame he couldn’t climb out from underneath. Today, however, he is a program graduate from PGM and is on staff, daily relying on God to carry his burdens rather than suffering through them himself.

Tony & Sabrina had been through the wringer. Alcohol and gangs kept Tony absent from his family and the weight of it all fell on Sabrina, whose faith took a toll from essentially living as a homeless single mother of two young girls. As a family, though, they ended up under PGM’s roof, rehabilitating mind, spirit, and body. Today they have a beautiful and encouraging testimony with the grace of God as the key protagonist.

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