Pacific Garden Mission Ep 273 Believing God’s Promises

Before there was Christ, there was the Law, but what was there before the Law? In Galatians 4, Paul refers back to Abraham, who simply believed God’s promise and it was credited to him as righteousness. Once again, there were no works involved; in fact, Abraham’s works were counterproductive! The righteousness of Abraham, like ours, was credited by faith alone.

After being betrayed by his wife, Roger coped by settling for any cheap pleasures his meager and inconsistent income could afford, living in his car and bouncing between shelters for years. Coming to Pacific Garden Mission has been a turning point for him. Here, he finally understood his anger and his addiction and has found the strength in Christ to both forgive and be forgiven.

Candice was born between the painful crossfire of a dysfunctional family and the revisited sin of generations past. It’s no wonder anger and hatred fueled her childhood. But over time she’s grown to hand her frustrations to the Lord; she is not alone in her struggles this life entails for us all and neither are you!

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