Pacific Garden Mission Ep 271 Faith is the Answer (Galatians 3)

When we examine our human condition and reckon with our sin and failures, there is no other conclusion except that we desperately need a Savior—and we can’t save ourselves. The mind-blowing truth is that, just as Moses lifted the serpent in the wilderness so that whosoever might look upon it might be cured, so Christ has been lifted up so that whosoever believes in him might be saved. It really is that simple!

Terry has always been terribly misunderstood, treated differently, and looked down on. It steered him towards chaos and had him trapped as a chronic prisoner, always in trouble. When he finally made the decision to change, he found a peace in Christ and rest from his very troubled past.

Phil is our resident evangelist, preaching to our transient guests and making them feel welcome. But he speaks from the heart because he, too, has been through the wringer. A successful career opened the door to sins both extravagant and destructive. But what the enemy meant for evil has been kindled into Holy Spirit fire!

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