Pacific Garden Mission Ep 270 Freedom in the Christian Life (Galatians 3)

Using texts from Genesis to Paul, Pastor Phil explains what freedom in Christ really entails. We shouldn’t be projecting our personal preferences and convictions onto others as if they were God’s absolute rules, lest we lead our neighbors to stumble under the weight of our burden or descend into legalism.

Raphael takes us through his chaotic past in jail and much of the history that led to the saving work that God is doing in his life even today. His sanctification is still a work in progress, but so is ours, and we rejoice with him that the Lord is faithful to bring his work in us to completion.

Timothy is young, but not too young to know the depths of hopelessness. So many things had to go wrong in the life of this young man for him to end up confused and on the streets doing meth, but we praise God that he is many months clean and committed to full recovery!

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