Pacific Garden Mission Ep 268 God was Always there

Pastor Phil reminds us to look back on our lives and see that, many times, when we thought we were struggling through obstacles and hardships, God was in the midst of it all along. Sometimes we even fought against him without knowing. Surely God was always there and I didn’t even know it! We need to let God do the work in our hearts so that we can truly live into our identity as his children.

Jason recognizes that even in the darkest parts of his life, God was at work. Furthermore, he is excited to see what God has in store for him.

Sara recounts the process by which she finally understood what it means to be a forgiven child of God. So many times we see ourselves as undeserving because of things we’ve done or even things done to us! Nothing could be further from the truth. Sara understood that and we pray you do too.

Bethany, after seeing the hurt her addictions were causing both her families lives and her own, shares a remarkable story of transformation.

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