Pacific Garden Mission Ep 232 God Preserves the Righteous

In Genesis 6:8, Pastor Phil teaches how God protects and cares for His people in times of trouble.

Through God’s grace and power, Martin’s life has been restored from homelessness, demonstrating the words of 2 Corinthians 5:17, that he is now a new creature in Christ.

Ian shares his struggles of addiction and suicidal thoughts, leading him to cry out to God and seek help. At PGM, through Christian-based counseling, God has replaced Ian’s pain with peace, joy, and strength, renewing a right spirit within him.

Samantha sought help at PGM from a life of abuse and abandonment. Through hard work and Biblical counseling, God has healed her by taking away her pain. Now, she has decided to further her education, enabling her to give back to society by helping traumatized kids.

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