Faith Broke Wilbert’s Addiction

In the tapestry of individual stories woven within the walls of Pacific Garden Mission, Wilbert Adams Jr.’s narrative stands as a testament to the transformative power of faith and the strength found in Jesus Christ. March of 1995 marked the pivotal moment when Wilbert, battling the clutches of addiction and despair, found solace in the sanctuary of Pacific Garden Mission. His journey from addiction to a life devoted to serving the Lord is a powerful testament to this Mission’s impact on countless lives. We thank our supporters who have made such life-changing stories possible by helping us share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, guiding individuals through redemption and renewal.

Wilbert Adams

“My name is Wilbert Adams Jr. and I came here in March of 1995. When I first came to Pacific Garden Mission, I was addicted to crack cocaine. When I arrived, I was down to 130 pounds from using drugs constantly. I had used $1,800 worth of drugs the day before I came to PGM, and when I did that, I felt so lost, and it felt like I was just so depressed that I wanted to end it all, but I knew better. So, I called on the Lord and said, ‘Jesus, can you please take this away from me?’

“My youngest sister came to me and said she knew a place I needed to go called Pacific Garden Mission, and she was going to take me there the next morning. So I came down to PGM. At the old site, they had a place called the bench. So I went and sat on the bench, and as I sat there, I said, ‘Lord, if you deliver me from this, I am going to serve you the rest of my life.’ At that moment, I felt all cravings for crack cocaine were gone just like that. I could have gotten up and gone home, but I was committed to serving the Lord since He took it away.

“Jesus is what the world needs today, and is what the world has always needed. That will be the legacy of the Pacific Garden Mission, to point people toward Jesus.”

“I got involved in the programs and started learning the Bible. I was in the Word day and night. I started working in the kitchen at PGM, and I was down there serving, and in my private time, I was in the Word. When I was down there, I met my future brother-in-law, Sampson Green, and we became good friends. He was serving in the military dorm and had arranged for me to be moved from the kitchen to where he was serving. There, they primarily ministered to the sailors and others and ensured they had a place to eat and sleep. We made sure their beds were made, they had stuff to brush their teeth with, and they received the Word of God before they left. That is what started my growth in Christ.

“Pacific Garden Mission was like a spiritual boot camp when I arrived. Some pastors who lived in other states would even send their sons to get on the Bible program here to teach them humility. The program was geared to growing in grace and the spirit of God. Today, the people in the programs have multiple counselors, but I think the best counselor is the Word of God because that makes the change in people’s lives and hearts. That is what did it for me.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” –Matthew 6:33 KJV

“Through taking courses and getting involved in the different ministries, I was in a class where Pastor Phil came to preach, and he said that if you wanted to get involved, you needed to start doing something for the Lord. He said we could see him if we wanted to do something for the Lord. At that time, Pastor Phil would go down into the subway to preach and pass out Gospel tracts. I got in touch with him and started going down there, and soul witnessing was what I started doing all the time.

“Soul winning and telling people about Jesus is what we loved to do. I also got involved in the jail ministry and served in there for 22 years, and 20 years in the juvenile detention centers representing PGM. I was fulfilling my vow to serve the Lord the rest of my life for delivering me from my drug addiction.

“The Word of God says to seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and everything else will be added. So everything else was added unto me as I was serving the Lord. If you walk out on faith, God will do all the rest.

“I graduated the Bible program in 1996 and started teaching class here, which I taught for 20 years. After graduating, I got a job as an engineer, but never stopped serving the Lord. I am proud to say that at PGM, God turned my life around and set me in the right direction, making a plain path for my feet. In 2007, I got married, and we have a home in a nice, peaceful neighborhood on the south side of Chicago.

“Jesus is what the world needs today, and is what the world has always needed. That will be the legacy of the Pacific Garden Mission, to point people toward Jesus.”

Wilbert Adams Jr.’s life story encapsulates the Mission’s purpose—to be a conduit for change and a beacon of hope. With profound gratitude, we extend our thanks to the supporters who have enabled this Mission to flourish and uplift those like Wilbert. Pacific Garden Mission’s legacy continues to point people toward Jesus. Through faith, dedication, and the guiding light of Christ, Pacific Garden Mission remains a testament to the life-transforming power of Jesus Christ and the enduring change it brings. Thank you.

Thank you for giving to help more people like Wilbert!

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