Faith Broke Wilbert’s Addiction

In the tapestry of individual stories woven within the walls of Pacific Garden Mission, Wilbert Adams Jr.’s narrative stands as a testament to the transformative power of faith and the strength found in Jesus Christ.

President’s Message

This March, we celebrate the greatest historical fact in history, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our faith does not rest on cute stories but on a historical fact

Godly Stewardship

Looking back on 2023, we are pleased to have completed several key improvements to PGM’s facility.

January 2024 PGM News

As we look forward to the New Year and the lives the Gospel of Jesus Christ will transform, we are thankful to share Darryl Henderson’s testimony.

We Are All in This Together

When the Gospel and Word of Christ are shared with someone at Pacific Garden Mission, we know the seed has been planted, even if the change is not immediate.

“We are thankful for your support”

During this time of Thanksgiving, we want to share our gratitude with all the people who support us financially, through prayer, and by volunteering.

Change is Indeed Possible

The great thing about Pacific Garden Mission is that you can see the outcome of those who are faithfully walking with Christ and those who aren’t, and you can decide here which way you want to go.