3 Ways to Blossom in Every Season of Life


3 Ways to Blossom in Every Season of Life

A man wanted to teach his four sons an important lesson, so he sent each one to observe a pear tree. The first son went during Winter and discovered the tree was ugly and twisted. The second found the tree full of fresh Spring buds. The third son observed the tree in Summer, laden with blossoms. The final son visited in Fall and found the pear tree ripe with fruit. The father explained no tree can be judged on one season alone.

We all go through challenging times, but it’s important not to let the discomfort of one season destroy the joy of the rest. Are you in a new season? Perhaps you’re recently retired, empty nesting, or widowed. Maybe you’re starting a new career or raising children. No matter your season or circumstance, you always have at least one of the following three things to offer:

Time. When kids are young, a parent’s time is broken into small increments. There’s very little capacity and a million demands. But as we age, we settle into a slower, more manageable pace where we can volunteer or serve in unique ways. Do you have time you can give to someone in need, or to an organization you care about?

Talent. Whether you’re in the process of building a career or preparing to retire, you have talents and skills you’ve developed – designed by God to benefit others. Is this a season where your talents can help bring advancement or attention to a cause you’re passionate about? 1 Peter says we’re called to use our gifts to serve others as faithful stewards of God’s grace.

Treasure. It’s often said ‘those who can no longer go, send.’ Many elder adults find themselves less physically equipped to volunteer, but more focused on the legacy they’ll leave behind. These individuals carry a deep treasure – a legacy of values they want to pass along to loved ones, or financial gifts for organizations. Each day more people decide to turn their estate plan into a legacy of love.

Could you be in a unique season of giving?