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Stewardship Update

When you think of Pacific Garden Mission, think about the stories of those who walked through these doors looking for hope for one reason or another. Because of YOU, they found that hope in Jesus Christ.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for your generous support in the Christmas season.

Christmas can be the most painful and lonely time of year for men and women facing homelessness and addiction.

Many have told me it’s been years Many have told me it’s been years since they have experienced a joyful Christmas dinner with anyone close to them. Some told me they have never experienced the joy of Christmas. But because of you, hundreds of people were welcomed, in Jesus’ name, at the Mission this Christmas. You provided a loving, joy-filled environment with hot meals, refreshing showers, clean linens, fellowship, and a safe place to come in from the cold.

Thank you for sending in your Gospel tracts and messages of encouragement. We handed these out at Christmas dinner, and you helped share the Gospel with the lost. Please pray that the Gospel would reach the hearts of all those who heard it at PGM this Christmas and that they would begin a new life in Christ in this new year.

The year ahead will bring many challenges. Right now, the freezing cold is threatening the lives of men and women on the streets. And it would be easy to become overwhelmed by the burdens our guests carry when they come through the Mission doors. But then, God reminds me of you—our wonderful supporters who are passionate about caring for the homeless and sharing the Gospel with the lost. You are fueling this ministry, and I can’t wait to see and share what God will do through your faithful support this year.

Please give today so more men, women, and children can find the hope they need, starting with a warm meal and a safe place to sleep.

Give today to help Chicago's homeless men, women, and children

Your donation provides safe shelter, hot meals, and lasting hope for new lives.

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