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Stewardship Update

There’s no question: Our whole world is weary from the ongoing pandemic, not knowing when or if we’ll ever get back to normal. And right now, we’re all in need of encouragement, joy, and someone to point us to the things we can count on in life.

But for the guests coming through PGM’s doors, their weariness is even more heartbreaking . . . because being homeless means every day is uncertain—what they’ll eat, where they’ll sleep, and who they can trust are all unknowns. And that’s where YOU changed the story . . .

Even in this season of ongoing uncertainty, your faithful support has provided a sturdy foundation for every guest who walks through our doors. It’s because of you they now have stability with food, safe shelter, and people they can count on.

You help give them HOPE. Once they come through our doors, our weary homeless friends find the counselors, mentors, teachers, and pastors who lead them to lasting hope in Jesus Christ. A building, a fantastic staff, and so much more . . . none of this would be available for those in great need without YOU. Thank you.

We hope you are encouraged to read PGM News, listen to Unshackled! Radio, and watch PGM TV—all showing what Jesus is doing right here at PGM through your faithful support. Please share these wonderful stories with others and spread the Good News you’re a key part of. Together, we’re reaching the lost and creating disciples through God’s Word, and that is Godly stewardship.

Please help support Pacific Garden Mission today, so that more men, women, and children can find the hope they need, starting with a warm meal and a safe place to sleep.

Give today to help Chicago's homeless men, women, and children

Your donation provides safe shelter, hot meals, and lasting hope for new lives.

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