Transforming Lives


Live at Pacific Garden Mission

  • The longest running radio drama in history; broadcasting for 64 years
  • Captivating and compelling true life stories from around the world
  • Testimonies of transformation by the Gospel message.
  • Aired on more than 3000 radio stations globally
  • Produced in fourteen languages

Check your local radio station
Experience the award winning radio drama in a very memorable way…
Every Saturday

True and amazing testimonies, conveyed by professional actors, which are relevant life lessons for all ages and every walk of life.

Tour the facility at 3:00pm
Experience “Unshackled!” live production at 4:30pm in our Auditorium
You are welcome to stay for:

  • Meals served at 5:30pm
  • Services at 6:30pm

Located at Pacific Garden Mission
1458 South Canal Street
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: 312-492-9410 for reservations