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Samantha's Story

Feeling alone and abandoned Samantha came to Pacific Garden Mission seeking safety and temporary shelter. After hearing the Gospel Message preached several times here, something in her heart changed, and she decided that she would join the Women's New Life Program and see what God had in store for her. Since then, she has graduated the program, is now working in our women's and children's division and helps lead the PGM children's choir.

A message from President Philip Kwiatkowski




The Gospel itself contains the power of God to change people. Some churches and organizations continue to look for more up-to-date, modern ways to see people changed, but we rely on what has always worked, ...read more


October Statistics

  • 790

    daily average of homeless sleeping overnight

  • 1,657

    daily meals served

  • 100

    persons who professed faith in Christ

  • 114

    men and women in the Bible Program